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About Will

You’re sitting there thinking, “There’s been a lot of stuff in my life.” Well maybe you aren’t thinking that, but I was thinking it back in 1999. I’ve been blogging in one form or another ever since. I don’t really write for anyone other than myself. I like some of the side effects though; things like my friends being able to stay up on me, and having a record of my emotions, triumphs, and failures. I don’t like some of the other side effects like people jumping to conclusions, or only using my blog as a source of information about me (it’s meant to be a supplement, not a replacement).

So who am I? Well the basics look like this:

  • Name: Will Read
  • DOB: July 24, 1981
  • Location: San Francisco, CA USA
  • Occupation: Software Engineer
  • Things I Do: Kite boarding, looking into getting into metal work and glass work, and more… just read the blog.

I went to college at Purdue University where I later graduated with a degree in Computer Science. While I was there I was a member/president/webmaster/resident old guy of the Purdue Fencing Club. I liked it so much that I opened my own club on the side where I taught an occasional class. After spending about two years in the work force I decided to make a go at being a full time fencing coach. Apparently I have too much heart and not enough business sense to be a one man show, so I incorporated the club and passed the responsibility on to others. I then moved out to San Francisco to shake up my life a bit.

I grew up in Farmington Hills, Michigan which is a suburb of Detroit. It’s a pretty good place to have grown up. High school really fond memory from my life thanks to those friends and good education system. I really enjoyed my time working backstage on the school plays and will probably find myself involved in theater again someday.

Aside from fencing books I don’t really read that often and I don’t have cable so I don’t watch TV. I do love my Netflix subscription though and it keeps my evenings entertaining. I do have a set of power tools which allow me to do some limited wood work and I’m pretty handy around the house.

The rest will be in the blog, or you can always drop me an email.



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  1. Ashley McAuslen / Jan 8 2009 11:44 pm

    Dear Will,

    I absolutely love the blog.
    The End…

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