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January 10, 2010 / TildeWill

Egypt: Obama for the win!!!

Maybe it was surprising how much Egyptian knew about the states, or maybe it was just an amassing of tidbits.

“Hello! Where are you from?”
“United States, California”
“Oh! Schwarzenegger!”

Or maybe the exchange ended in a sarcastic “Welcome to Alaska!”But what most people said was, “United States? Obama!!!! He’s good president” and then give the thumbs up sign. Egyptians love Obama. It probably helped that he was there not five months before visiting the pyramids, and he noted similar facial features between his face and the face of a particular ancient statue. Clearly he and his administration have done some good PR for us because the common man in a Muslim country seemed quite pleased with the steps our country has been taking with foreign policy. Thanks President Obama for making my trip to Egypt more warm and welcoming!

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