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December 21, 2009 / TildeWill


Steve Harvey says that a good dude does three things for his lady: Provide, Profess (hi love), and Protect. I can certainly provide. And we know that my professing is perhaps a bit too profess-ional. So what about protecting? I don’t think anyone sees me as a good protector. I mean that on both the physical and emotional level. Physically, I’m a skinny guy, let’s be honest. No, I’m not a towering giant, and I will probably never be taller than I am right now. What is in my control is my weight and strength. I do not have to be a skinny punk.

On a less physical sense, I am not a defender of much. I like to play the moderator role. I like to see other people happy. I don’t take sides, I don’t stand up very often. When I do, I don’t have any experience fighting for it. I can see how that’s not very desirable. I can dig in, I can make a stand. I can be a guy that makes you feel safe that you’ll always been defended.

Change. Direction. Ah the good Will-Read-life.


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