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December 6, 2009 / TildeWill

More About Her

I recently wrote about the impossible woman, and I wanted to add two things to the list. The first is that she’ll be the kind of woman who is a teacher on her way to being a CEO (there’s no “career path” for that). The second is that I’ll know her as she will feel like “home” to me.

I’ve been watching Battle Star Galactica, which makes me a big nerd, but we’re getting to the end and there’s a lot of talk about what “home” means to the characters. Four years ago, it was the planet they lived on, but now it’s the ships they reside in. And it isn’t so much the ships, but the people, the experiences they have had on those ships. The things that bind them together, their common struggles, their memories – all that makes it a home.

What that really says is that I need to find a way to struggle with someone. Not fight, but to go through a hardship or challenge or something and come out on our feet together. Dinner and a movie isn’t something one bonds over. It’s just food. Getting stuck in the rain is something you can bond over. High school is something you can bond over. Conquering a fear of heights or snakes is something you can bond over. I hate snakes.


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