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November 10, 2009 / TildeWill

What I Swore Off Girls For

I swore off girls in search of something. Now they’re less sworn off (and yes, dudes, you’re still out in case you were curious). There was something I had lost. Something I was good at doing, and it was something I had forgotten. It was the thing that made relationships special, magical.


Not the kind you wear, but the kind you stand in that belong to your girlfriend. The kind that tell you that she’s worked a lot on being more earth friendly, so when you notice that she went to the effort to get a blue bin so recycling is easier, it melts her heart.

Tonight, I was reminded of those shoes that I had stopped standing in. Someone I know complimented me on my ability to keep running with a humorous story to the point where it gets her laughing so hard she can no longer breathe. I love those stories, and that’s “my flavor” of comedy. It’s what I love doing, what I feel I’m really good at. To have a simple compliment, something made almost in passing, made my day.

I hope I can return the favor soon enough.


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