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September 27, 2009 / TildeWill

Women and Danger

I missed out on doing some things because I was busy doing a lot of other things. Friday and Saturday I was scheduled to be a volunteer at a Ruby on Rails Outreach workshop. Ruby on Rails is the programming language I use at work to write web applications. This particular workshop was targeted at women and was being held at sfCUBE.

sfCUBE is something between community space and a start-up incubator. I was hoping I’d run into someone there who could give me a better run-down of the business, but just being in a place like that made me get off my duff and write an executive summary (cover letter to a business plan) for my library idea (if you want to read it, just ask and I’ll share the Google Doc with you, I could use the feedback). So now I have an executive summary, something I could put in the hands of someone who would want to fund my endeavor. It makes my start-up idea much more dangerous than it was a month ago because now my ideas exist on paper.

Alas, no one was at sfCUBE for me to talk to, so that remains on hold for now. Friday night was install night, where w e got all the ladies’ laptops set up for Saturday. Saturday I was a TA, helping people when the fell behind, explaining things that I felt like got glossed over during the breaks. It felt good to volunteer, and it felt good to use Rails to do it. So I’ve made good progress getting my volunteer life back on track.

Today I went to Crissy Field nearest the GG Bridge which was a new part of the park for me. I was there for a coworker’s birthday party, so there were a lot of people I knew from work. I had to leave around 3:30 to make my way to rock climbing with Lara who brought her friend, Marie, to join us. After a few hours of climbing artificial rock, we headed out for tapas at Ramblas, which is a pretty tasty tapas place, and I always like tapas because you can try like half their menu at once.

Thus a busy weekend. I wrote the first part of a business plan, made a lot of progress in getting myself back to who I want to be, and spent all of it with people I enjoy.


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