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September 21, 2009 / TildeWill


Two weeks ago, I got to see Wicked with Miss Lara Owen. It was an awesome show to me because it was campy, and serious, and had flying monkeys, and most importantly I had great company to reflect and laugh with. Shows are meant to be shared and I was glad I didn’t see it alone as I had initially planned. It reminded me of two things, the first was that I really enjoy the theater, and the second was when I went to see some community theater with the Dickersons. Those two always know the fun things to do.

Women have the hot pants for Eric the vampire in True Blood which give me no small amount of angst. Eric is the blond, good looking vampire who is a total scumbag. Do they go for Bill, the gentleman vampire who swore off drinking human blood? No. They swoon for the ass hole who has deals in deception and manipulation. Women are crazy, but more accurately, I should say that I’m jealous.

Speaking of TV, go watch Battlestar Galactica. I am not a cylon.

I feel a little rebirth in me. I broke out the brightest colored clothes I had and my propeller beanie and went to a euchre picnic on Sunday. With the foul-mouthed jokes and knowing people well enough that I didn’t have to ask wht they did for a living or what they’ve been up to the last X months… it felt like high school, or rather, I felt like the me I was in high school. I may buy some mis-matched Chucks in the near future.


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