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July 27, 2009 / TildeWill

My Phone

I think I loved my iPhone 3GS for like two business days.

But I can’t tether. I can’t do much with Bluetooth period. I kinda want skip and pause/play controls to work on my headphones. I want to hook up a keyboard just for shits and giggles. I want to sync with my computer without wires. For reals.

I want other apps besides iTunes to play music in the background, like Pandora, so I can rock out AND check my email.

My location should be something I can publish ALL THE TIME, not just when an app is open. Really, I want to send a txt, not look at a dumb app update my position. I know where I am, my friends do not, figure it out.

I want my apps to be approved. Google Voice, Latitude, and all kinds of other cool things that “duplicate functionality” just mean the bar is higher for all parties involved. And you won’t hear me complain if they have the occasional scantily clad woman here and there.

The Pre is a great piece of hardware, backed by a great OS, but leaves something to be desired in the app store. The Android has all the Google goodness I want, but someone forgot the headphone jack, wtf? Even Nokia touts a lot of the missing things here. And I might consider a Windows based phone if I thought “usability” was an add-on.

Sad face.


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