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June 26, 2009 / TildeWill

New Phone Number via Google Voice!

Finally, I can feel like a native Californian! After waiting a year for the service that was formerly GrandCentral, I now have a new phone number, that points to my old one. *drumroll*

(415) 894-9455

My old number still works, but I get a metric ton of benefits with this one. I can set up rules for which phone rings when you call. So if you’re work related, you’d be passed on to my office phone if I had one. If you’re a pal, you get my mobile phone. If you’re down at the door to the building, you’d ring my phone, my room mate’s phone, and our land line.

I can mark callers as spam. ‘Nuf said.

I can set up special voice mail messages depending on numbers. So hot sexy girls get a different message than potential business associates.

All my voicemail gets transcribed for me to text by a machine, not humans in India like services like Jott employ. I get free SMS to my GV number. Plus I can listen in as you leave a voice message like the old days of answering machines, plus I can record any call I’m on.

All in all, an amazing service if it lives up to its reputation. And Google gets tons of feedback on the transcription service so they can keep making it better.


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