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June 19, 2009 / TildeWill

Phone Review

Got the new iPhone 3GS  today. First off, 3G over  my old Edge is waaaaaay faster. Web pages are really snappy. There’s lots of little things too, some are hardware, some not – like GPS on the maps is super accurate, and Safari now has auto-complete. I also love having volume controls on my headphones and can’t wait till I settle on bluetooth headphones and rock it wirelessly.

But still missing are some apps that I hope to see soon. Google is promising Latitude which should broadcast my location like I’ve been wanting to do since the first phone I owned. Tom Tom is also promising a turn-by-turn GPS app later this summer. I still want to see Flash happen in the browser, and I wouldn’t mind adding a Bluetooth keyboard when I really need to bang out some text.

But what I’m really hoping for… with the boost in processor, RAM, and video action… is the ability to shoot zombies in an augmented reality. It’s got to be just around the corner.

Oh yeah, and I forgot, I want subscription sevices for movies and music (maybe games too). Netflix preferably, and Rhapsody-esque for music please!!!! iTunes would be great if it worked this way instead of buying things outright.

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