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June 18, 2009 / TildeWill

Thou Speakest Aright!

I was talking about my blog with Emily when she said that as of late, there’s less of me in my writings, and I whole heartedly agree.  It’s something I was consciously aware of, but had no root cause, so it remained just an observation. Maybe it was the way she phrased it, maybe it was the context of her being a fencer, but I think that there’s less of me to write about.

I think there’s less of me because there’s no fencing. It’s like there’s only two contexts to my life now, work, and non-work. Both are pretty rich in my opinion, but they don’t exercise all of Will Read either. When I fenced, there was also a coach part, and a business owner part, and a competitor part – none of which really exist presently.

In my head I kind of equate it to writing a story about five characters, and then suddenly there’s only two left. Sure, they’re the core characters, but they don’t have foils to flesh out who they really are. They don’t have anyone to interact with. It’s not to say life gets dull, but interactions get much less complex. I think that because I don’t have to juggle everything, life is less revealing about my own character.


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