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June 2, 2009 / TildeWill

Dear Phone Manufacturers,

I have the keyboard solution! Combine an iPhone with a chording keyboard and viola! Chording keyboards work by having a small set of buttons, and you press different combinations to produce various characters. In this case I’m picturing 7 keys on the side(s) of the phone. Then as I hold it, I can type away with some speed, and make use of four digits.

Pluses: No bulky physical keyboard adding thickness/weight to my phone. There’s also no software keyboard cutting into my screen real estate. Besides, I can’t get 10 fingers on that tiny thing anyway, really I’m typing with my thumbs, so screw it. Really it’s the 10 fingers that make a full keyboard useful. This way, I an hold the phone and type one handed. Brilliant.

Drawback: I’d have to learn how to “chord”. But whatever, there’s a whole slew of business folk out there who learned Palm’s “Graffiti”. Just teach us how to use it with a clever app, and we’ll figure out the rest.


P.S. If anyone makes one, I call dibs. If no one makes one, does anyone know who does custom phone mods?

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