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May 20, 2009 / TildeWill


I remember sometime in high school thinking about how I often found myself spanning multiple social circles, and uniting those circles. When theater types are hanging with the pot heads and the band geeks you feel like something… unique is happening.

This Tuesday I was asked to assist in leading a group in SF. The organizer said I “had the right kind of personality”. And it got me thinking about groups I’ve led. Wine Bunch, Kite Flying, twelve kinds of fencing, props crew, the list goes on. When I was on ASP staff, a volunteer pointed out that I played the role of “moderator” well – that I wasn’t really concerned with the outcome of a meeting, so long as the group was productive. When I think about Agile software development, I like the parts that make people more productive, that make people work together, communicate more to reach a common goal.

I’ve known that I can be a developer, but I’ve also known that I could be better at something else. I’ve always felt like I was intended to be instrumental in something much bigger than who I am. I think this is that thing.


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