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April 7, 2009 / TildeWill

Ten Percent

For the 10,119 days I’ve been alive, I now have over 1,100 blog entries as documentation of my life. Some are one liners, some are just thoughts not tied directly to my day-to-day. On the other end, I couldn’t write for the first few years of my life, and the next few after that probably aren’t that interesting. My hope is to continue to increase the ratio of documentation to days.

The drawback to all this writing, is that it can be hard to go through it all. It’d be a hard sell to ask someone to read 1,000 pages of anything let alone the uncoordinated writings of someone. I guess that’s why blogs work. I can generate a lot of informaiton, that you can read incrementally. It’s like the newspaper meets autobiography.


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  1. stabbysox / Apr 10 2009 4:37 pm

    i don’t think blogs are hard to go through at all. they’re like books that don’t end. take an interesting person, add a blog, and POW you have a good read. 🙂 but then it’s possible i’m an abnormally nosy person, i don’t know.

    lots of the stuff people think are trivial (thoughts, rants, narrations) are exactly what make them easy to devour. i like that they’re more than just an essay someone has written and perfected, taking out everything extraneous and spontaneous.

    there has to be a bit of exhibitionism involved to make someone willing to share a blog publicly. and unfortunately it can be difficult to write about life when you’re busy living it, so really people who 1) blog at all and 2) update regularly are few and far between.

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