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April 6, 2009 / TildeWill

#10118 – Rocks, Girls, and Randy

My personal climbing was at a 5.8 tonight. I tried that 5.10 I went up last time and only got a few holds up. I don’t know what magic I was working before, but it was not there this time. Rosey came along, and we also picked up a stray climber, Randy. Randy grew up in Hawaii and is a life coach now. Rosey and I both agree that being a life coach would be a good job, but that you kinda have to have your own life together before you can run around doling out advice. Randy and I exchanged numbers, so hopefully I’ll climb with him again.

The other thing going through my mind lately is that it’s Spring. Spring is generally a bad time for me and dating. Fall is my champion, but probably because I’m trying all Spring and Summer and finally something comes through in September-ish. This go-around could be particularly frustrating since I’ve been without any kind of girlfriend since early November (six months). But there were some cute girls out tonight. Taking some of my own advice, I should have said “hello” instead of thinking about how to say “hello”. It’s easy, and if you panic, one can always say “Hi” instead and save three whole letters. But instead I rode BART quietly with my headphones in my ear holes letting life pass me by.

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