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April 5, 2009 / TildeWill

Adventure for #10117: The Kindness of Friends

Yesterday, I was unexpectedly carless. My intention had been to rent a car locally when I got to the airport, but since I never made it to the airport, I never got a car. Instead I became went into the care of the Brunos. I was comfortable leaning on them because I had lived with Matt I one summer and had this seen Christina a few times. Also, like me, they weren’t from Cinci, so I knew that they would be
Looking for ways to pass the time between brunch and the wedding.

Christina did a fabulous job of putting up with the Will/Bruno antics, most of which involved gang signs and call outs related to Norwood, which we passed several times. I haveno explanation for our action other than of was rediculous and funny. So I had to drop my pride a bit to depend on someone else, but it was much better experience to catch up with them than to drive alone.

At the wedding towards the end of the reception, Jess asked if I had a ride back to my hotel. I did not since the Brunos had left at that point. She offered to take me back, I took a breath.

Back story made super short: Jess and I dated back in college for over two years. We keep in touch mostly through events like this that the old fencing crew is attending. She’s now seeing a great guy, Jeff, for a couple of years now and I imagine they’ll tie the knot soon enough. There’s no bitterness on either side, but for me, I get a bit squeemish when someone drags up a habit or memory that I shared with her. Like my friend Josh, I don’t like feeling out of my place, so I try to keep my contact with her at a friendly minimum.

I did need a ride though, and Sadie was riding with, so with great hesitation I accepted. It was ok, I didn’t die, I didn’t put my foot in my mouth either. This morning, Jeff picked me up at the hotel, and Jess cooked breakfast for the four of us. It was delecious and more time with friends than I initially counted on.

And I was further humbled when
Jeff drove the four of us to the airport to drop me off. It’s at least a thirty minute trip and they’d have to go back later to drop off Sadie who didn’t leave till eight.

What I think feels uneasy about kindness like this is that it’s how I expect myself to act for others. What I don’t expect is to need the help of those around me. I view myself as a provider, so it goes againt my self image to accept help. I’m fortunate enough to have friends who find ways to help me anyway.


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