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April 5, 2009 / TildeWill

Adventure for #10116: Marriage

I’m thinking about composing a short autobiography for publishing about adventures; the pretense being that if you want to have an adventure, you must leave something behind.

This Saturday, my friend Kyle, who I call Whitey, began his adventure in marriage. He left behind a certain amount of freedom, a level at which I can assume he’s comfortable with at this stage of his relationship. But he also left behind lonliness. You may think, “Will, no one wants lonliness, he’s not really giving that up.” For Whitey that may be true. For me, it is true that I ultimatly do not want to be lonely, but at this point in my life I wonder how much of myself I define through being single.

On the up side, I can travel by the seat of my pants like I did the day before, making up life as it comes, and I don’t have to worry about what anyone else wants to do. I get to have adventures like losing my hat on St. Patrick’s Day. And when someone asks me if I’m happy I always have an answer that says I’ve got room to move up. I think it keeps me humble; if I had the trifecta: great job, great social life, and a great mate, I’d become unbearably happy with life pretty quickly. I’m not ready to be lonely, I’m not ready to manage my happiness so that I remain approachable, I’m not ready to leave that behind just yet and have the adventure that Whitey is on. I admire him and all my married friends for being able to take those steps.


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