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March 28, 2009 / TildeWill

Rock Flying

Today I joined Rosey (from Wine Bunch) at Mission Cliffs for some fun fun rock climbing action. I remembered how to tie in, but my climbing sucks. I barely made it up a 5.6, and back in the day I was jumping up 5.10’s. Rosey however, went up the walls with a lot more grace and ease. The gym is great, lots of routs, great floor (easy to walk on, but seems soft enough if you ended up crashing on it). Plus they also have the standard workout type equipment. If you show up alone they’ll also announce that you’re looking for a climbing partner. I like climbing because it’s thinking and exercise, kind of like fencing in a way, but slower.

Then, after some lunch in the Mission, Rosey and I parted ways (she was off to pick up a violin and then move into her new apartment). I then made my way out to Chrissy Field and got my kite up in the air. It was great, laying in the grass, shorts, t-shirt, and some lite rock streaming on my iPhone. When I started to get cold from the wind I packed it up, and then went over and helped a guy who had walked by earlier with a kite like mine and seemed to be having some trouble. He had a knot, so I helped him untangle it, launched him a few times, then gave him some pointers. We talked a little about kite surfing and I was on my way. The wind is back, so it’s just a matter of time before get on the water myself. I can’t wait!


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