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March 27, 2009 / TildeWill

Something Old

Sometime Thursday night I realized I’m the me I haven’t seen in almost a decade! The me that yells on the streets and has his friends cover his mouth. The me that tells jokes in group settings, aweful jokes, if only to amuse himself. The me that finds his company laughing as a result. The me that doesn’t care if people don’t want to laugh. The me that is himself and isn’t afraid of scaring people away.The me that curses, and just speaks with more color in general.

Things must be going well if I’m that person. I must have friends that I can count on, that I can hang out with effortlessly who are close by. I must be happy with what I’m doing. I must be challenged. I must be comfortable, at home. I must also be fairly free of people  who depend on me to run things. Footloose and fancy free.

I’ve thought about mismatching my shoes again. I want people to know I’m “that guy” and not just “some guy”. I want to stand out.


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  1. lina / Mar 30 2009 6:02 pm

    This just makes me smile! I’m glad you’ve rediscovered this part of yourself. No reason to for it to ever go completely away again imo. Break out the different color shoes \o/

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