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March 12, 2009 / TildeWill

Spent an Afternoon in Prision

This past Sunday I was holed up in a cell in the nation’s most notorious prision: ALCATRAZ. Did you know it was a national park? Did you know it started off as a Civil War fort? Since they were set up to hold prisioners, it eventually lost the cannons and just became a holding place. Did you know that the warden and his family and many of the guards lived on the island? Did you know you can take a sweet audio tour of the cell house? Did you know that it arguably has one of the best views of San Francisco? I know all of these things now.

The Dickersons were in town and Matt had it on his list to go. I’m not sure i would have made the trip if it was just me, but I’m glad I went. They also talked about a wide variety of birds that lived on the island, but I could only spot the sea gulls. One of the things that got my brain juices flowing was that Alcatraz was added to the national prison system as a result of the Great Depression/Prohibition and it gave me pause about our current economic times. It seems like it might be easy to make a choice that resulted in a new kind of crime, like deciding that alcohol should be outlawed.

Here’s a link to the ALBUM of my photos from the island:

From Alcatraz

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