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February 17, 2009 / TildeWill

Work: Day One

Work was great today, even though my pair, Benny, may have worried about it. It was kind of different than most products because we’re working on something internal, so it is just us and there wasn’t a hand-off process. Our product owner was out of the office too. And Benny is a contractor, so using a Mac is just as new to him as it is to me.

But Benny does know Rails, so I learned a bit about RoR from him today. We also kind of had to bother our environment to make it cooperate. We’re using RubyMine, which looks to be a great product, but it’s still in alpha, so you get all the funess that goes with non-stable software with features in flux.

High notes for the day: We did complete a story. That’s good work for a first day I think. I got all my account info and everything seems to work so far. Lunch involved going to King of Thai and a really good conversation about government subsidies on things like telephones and internet to rural areas where the demand is too low to make it profitable. When I described it to Kevin he said “sounds like people are really good friends there”, which is really the truth, they can disagree productively. The food supply is AMAZING. And, #1 point of the day, Rob, my boss, and head of the entire company’s workings, came over after Benny told him of our woes, and Rob made sure I was ok in a way that gave me the sense that he actually cared. It was huge. I ❤ Pivotal Labs.


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  1. lina / Feb 19 2009 11:46 am

    I totally suck in general about keeping in touch, I know. Just wanted to let you know I do still stalk you and YAY JOB!!!!

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