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January 30, 2009 / TildeWill

Say “No” to Drugs

Long before I was old enough to have any clue what drugs were, I was told to say “no” to them. I got a t-shirt. They told me there was rat crap and poision mixed into drugs. That was way more than I needed. My mom will tell you that I was the kind of kid that only needed to be told something once, and once was enough.

Since then, I reinforced my negative opinion of drugs by understanding that life is hard. Since drugs don’t give you super powers to un-complicate life, that they often just make things more complicated, that’s all I needed to convince adult-Will that drugs were something I could keep passing on.

Lastly, I have never felt that drugs, like alcohol, can offer anything that I can’t already offer myself. There are so many ways to get a “euphoric feeling” that aren’t destructive to the body, that don’t impede reation time or brain function. It takes some practice, but you can be in touch with your f ellings and how they affect the people around you. You can be honest with yourself and others. Drugs don’t give you any super powers you didn’t already have. Nay, drugs are a curtain, something to hide behind, a crutch.

I’m calling “bull shit” on anyone who says “I can’t do/be ____ without being on drugs.” Anyone who makes a career off of being high is a person filled with weakness, a person who has no capacity for growth, a is a person who is unworthy of admiration. However, if a person who himself on drugs, and then removes the drug element, but manifests in himself the qualities that made drugs appealing – that is a man worthy of being a role model for he is a person who can fall to the bottom and still find the strength to climb out, dust himself off, and build himself a skyscraper. That is a man I want to know.



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  1. Grace / Jan 30 2009 4:18 pm

    Just because someone participates in behavior that you don’t agree with doesn’t make them a coward, nor should it prevent you from appreciating their work. Enjoying what they produce doesn’t mean you have to enjoy their habits.

    In fact, perhaps you should use these people as a window into a world that you don’t understand. Think of it as an opportunity to gain knowledge without placing yourself in situations that you find morally objectionable or dangerous.

    It isn’t your morals or lifestyle I have a problem with, its the fact that you are so quick to judge people on a basis that you have no understanding of.

    I think if you research the subject, you’ll find that many people, who’s work you admire have habits, whether they be substantive or otherwise that you wouldn’t practice yourself. It shouldn’t prevent you from seeing the good of what they produce and/or who they are.

  2. stabbysox / Feb 2 2009 12:06 pm

    i agree with you wholeheartedly, will. i can give all sorts of reasons, but in the end the choice is just yes vs no.

    if this means i shall have no druggies as friends, so be it. in 28 years i haven’t met any interesting ones anyway.

  3. Grace / Feb 2 2009 7:16 pm


  4. TildeWill / Feb 2 2009 10:11 pm

    Stabbysox and I are on the same page. It’s easier to stay off drugs if you’re not surrounded by it. It’s why Pat and I stopped being friends in college. I don’t go out of my way to end a friendship with someone who has started using, but there’s always more distance between us as a result. I’d argue too that there’s enough interesting people who don’t use that I can be picky. And again, that using isn’t an additive quality, I’m not missing out on anything that I want.

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