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January 25, 2009 / TildeWill

Ubuntu Initial Reactions

I decided to go with Ubuntu Linux initially because it was always getting positive press in my news feed. Then I discovered that it was based on Debian, the same distro I had used “back in the day” of 2002. It was “pretty” easy to install. I say that because I was trying to do fancy stuff with my partitions, and if I was any less experienced, I would have clobbered all of my personal files.

Once installed, it boots up quickly. Firefox, Pidgin (IM Client), and Open Office are all here and ready to rock. It found my WiFi card without any trouble too. After running the updater it also had some new drivers for my video card and I was able to select a resolution more agreeable to me.

next, I wanted to use this thing. So I decided to pop in a DVD. The default install didn’t have the stuff for Totem to playback DVDs. So I googled a bit, ran some commands and that was working. Someone else suggested installing VLC instead. Since that was an app I used in the past, and it sounded like it was pretty straight forward, I added that too.

Web-wise, most things seem fine. I still need to figure out why Flash isn’t installing correctly though. YouTube misses me.

Right now I’m chasing down my last two major hurdles: no iTunes for Linux for syncing my iPhone, and no Netflix Watch Instantly on Linux. So I’ve installed VirtualBox which lets you run virtual machines inside of Linux. In this case I’ll be running a Windows XP virtual machine. Then I can install IE8, and and all my problems should go away. It’ll also come in handy if I ever have to do any .Net development at home.

Things I like so far: I have multiple workspaces, so I can have stuff running on one, and watch a movie on the other, and I can flip between ’em pretty quickly. My system try is pretty helpful and uncluttered. The file explorer is also pretty intuitive. Otherwise, it feels like Windows, but more free.

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  1. gourry / Jan 26 2009 9:19 pm

    Linux makes me cry real tears.

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