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January 21, 2009 / TildeWill

Gandhi at Work

I have read what little is in history books, and I have recently watched Gandhi, and I am reminded of another man who taught civil disobedience because of the day we set aside to honor him yesterday. Men like this are fantastic in the sense of the word meaning that they are almost as impossible to believe as unicorns, but as necessary for justice as water is for life.

The new thing I am taking away is that people cannot tolerate having their own barbarism exposed. A single person might bear it, but a people cannot endure it. It makes me wonder if the same principle could apply  to a work situation. Agile methodologies teach us that transparency is the key to trust. It makes me wonder if, in a situation where a work environment has become atrocious, exposing that atrocity would indeed lead to justice, or if it would simply get you fired…


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