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December 4, 2008 / TildeWill

I Should Quit More Often

“Why?” Because for one, it’s easy to spend half a day at the DMV getting your license. I had grown accustomed to living in Lafayette where there was a DMV for both Lafayette and West Lafayette, so the office to people ratio was high. And they had their act together. They told you what documents you needed on the door, and it was clearly on the website. And when you got it, it was a fast operation even when it was busy. In SF, I went once, only to find out I needed a birth certificate or my passport, information that was buried in the web site and not something i expected since the last time I got a new state license all I needed was my old state license. And then I filled out a form. And then I got a number. And then I waited for 70 minutes. And then a guy typed in my information to his computer. And then I stood in another line for 20 minutes, just to be handed a test (WTF, couldn’t the last guy hand me a test????). And then I took the test. And then they checked the test… after I waited in line. And if i hadn’t waited enough, it’ll be another 7-10 days before they get me my license in the mail. Indiana printed that bad boy out right there on the spot.

So that took a while.

But, the other part is that my “social” calendar is full as hell. I’ve been going to tech talks, and networking events, and even a tech version of Toastmasters. And I’ve got all kinds of meetups like Euchre, and Dodge ball. So I’m really meeting people, and everyone wants my resume or knows someone who might. Plus, tonight, I got invited to a party and another girl gave me her number. I like to think that work was stressing me out so much it was squelching out “the real me”, and now that I’ve quit, it’s like it’s 2000 and I’m “oozing sex appeal” (see McCutcheon Madness t-shirts to fully understand).

Everything is coming together. I’m pulling on the social networks I built up over the last six months, and forming new ones at an exponential rate. I really feel like this is the life I moved out here for. I’ve got a followup interview with Salesforce later this week, I’m talking to a few other companies here. The GD told me that of all the people he knew, I’d be the one to land on my feet after resigning from a job without another lined up – and more and more, I’m thinking he’s right.


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