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November 21, 2008 / TildeWill

Call for Stories

Hey I’m writing an autobio-something (the goal is a book, but if it turns into something shorter that’s ok). It’s gonna focus on me skipping developmental stages of life and how that’s shaped me into the Will Read of 27 that you know today. From my parents calling me “a little adult”, to going from rolling to walking without crawling, to later stuff, like never really getting into trouble, to being more of a kid when everyone else was racing to be an adult, etc. And so if you have stories or reflections that you think I should work in, or even if you think it’s way off topic but want to rehash the past for a bit, type ’em up real quick and get ’em to me (

My goal is to work on this during the down time between jobs. Maybe a rough draft by New Year’s.


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