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November 18, 2008 / TildeWill


I’ve resigned from Jobvite. You can ask me about the details offline, but let me say I still like the product, and there are a lot of good people in charge who will do good things with the company.

My last day is Tuesday, November 25th. After that it’s the good life, except that I won’t have income, so it won’t be that good. Actually not that good at all. So needless to say I’m looking for a job.Not having a job, but still having the expenses of living in SF is probably the scariest thing in my life thus far. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty afraid.

I may try a contract job to fill the next 3-6 months and then go from there. I’ve also been working my social network to establish contacts at companies I want to work for like Pivotal and SalesForce, both of which are close to where I work now and filled with people who really seem to understand the importance of job satisfaction.

But I might switch out of development. Today I just got back from being certified as a Scrum Master. Scrum, in addition to being a rugby thing, is a set of business practices that are gaining popularity in the software world and actually has a lot of roots in the automotive industry. But a Scrum Master is essentially a Project Manager, so I’m trying to learn how that profession works.

If anyone knows someone who needs a project manager in the bay area for a software shop, let me know.


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