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November 2, 2008 / TildeWill

It Makes Me Angry

It makes me angry

It makes me angry

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased to see Obama in the lead, but when people ask me who I’m voting for, I reply honestly that “I’m not voting.”

“Why?!?!?”, you ask, “It’s your civic duty.” But what about my government’s responsibility to represent the people? Look at the poll to the left, it shows the popular vote at a fairly narrow gap of less than seven percent. But then the system goes and mucks the whole thing up with the electoral college and the idea of “winning a state” and we get Obama with 65% and McCain at 35%. Now the spread is thirty percent!?!?!

If that wasn’t bad enough, imagine being in a blue state, and voting red. Now instead of your vote counting for 1 amongst millions, it counts for absolutely nothing. Or in a swing state, where the popular vote is always almost evenly split, and you hit the swing side, now your vote counts twice as much as someone in a state where everyone voted the same because you essentially gobbled up your neighbor’s vote who pulled the other lever. There is no equality, there’s nothing representative about the system at all. It makes me angry.


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