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October 27, 2008 / TildeWill

Painting is better when shared

I’ve been helping Amy paint the kitchen and common area of the part of her sister’s house she lives in for the last two days. It’s a total blast because I get to spend tons of time with amy and we’re doing something, but it isn’t so involved that it hinders discussion. Or if there would normally be akward silence, here it’s just focused painting. And we talk about nothing at all, to some of the more meaty topics we’ve gotten into.

Paining also helps me with my craving to be a home owner. I got to fix a set of light switches, and pull down some light fixtures, not to mention the whole painting thing. So it’s arguably a very selfish thing I’m doing by helping Amy paint, but I also get to help. And she’s already cooked for me once and grabbed some wine for us to drink while we painted and her sister offered to cook dinner for us. All of which is great but totally unnecessary, I’d really be quite content just to get paint stuck in my hair while hanging with Amy.

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