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August 21, 2008 / TildeWill

Final Glass Class

I picked up my stuff from The Crucible today (last class was Wednesday).

From The Crucible

SO what you’re looking at is two icicles and a lattichino marble. The interesting thing is that both types are made almost the same way. First, make a paddle of stock glass about the size of a fifty cent piece. Then put some strips of color on the glass. The icicle on the left has three blue stripes. The marble has five stripes (black in the center, two white, two blue). If you’re making a marble, sandwich the color between another paddle.

Next, get the thing all melty warm. Then twist. If you want a marble, let it gather into a ball with the flame. If you want an icicle, pull apart as you twist. To finis ’em up, put a loop on the top of the icicle (the icicle on the left was a rush job at the end of class so it doesn’t have color or a loop). If it’s a marble, you pull off some glass form each end as you twist the marble so the color comes down to a point.

My marble is exceptionally round. I should say it’s it comparatively round to my other marbles. It has one little flat spot (you can actually see it in the picture on the top of the perimiter) where the punty (aka stick of glass that keeps me from having to put my hand in the flame) was. I argue that it gives the marble a nice spot to rest as it perches on your desk.


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  1. joshuadlwilliams / Aug 22 2008 8:19 am

    The ‘icicle’ on the right is quite slick, sir. If it were full-sized it would be a stylish staff, or at that the size it’s at, it could be a hair pin or something. That or you could stick it in your ear.

    In all seriousness, though, they’re really neat. Would you do it again?

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