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August 16, 2008 / TildeWill

Glass Catch Up

Well I’ve been through four of five classes.

From The Crucible

In week two I made a pear shaped pendant. It’s got some diachronic glass (which gives it the sparkle). Then the back is decorated with a brownish color to give the sparkle the yellowish color. A pendant is made the same way as a marble, but you smush one side flat while the glass is hot, then put a loop on it.

In week three I made two pieces. One was an implosion that ended up as a pendant. The idea is that you blow a small bubble, decorate the outside, then head it up and it draws your decorations in through the clear glass, stretching it out. If you ever see “coral” or some kind of seascape, it’s done with this technique. I used a white glass that boiled and bubbled a lot and was really hard to work with, and my implosion didn’t work so well, so I smushed it and called it a pendant.

The last piece is another marble. This one much more round than the one I made two week before it. Also diachronic glass for the sparkle, but then I put clear glass on top to make a lens that magnifies the sparkle. A little coloring on the back makes it look like a professional third grader might have coughed this one out.

Then this past week I made something that should turn out really cool if it doesn’t crack. I can’t wait to get pictures of it. Next week is a free for all. I hope to crank out a marble with some spiral thing going on inside.


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