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August 15, 2008 / TildeWill

Blog About the Dickersons

I realized I haven’t blogged about hanging with the Great Dickersonians since their wedding. I feel kinda bad because I have a blast hanging out with them and it’s great having top notch friends just two hours away. They came down to SF for my birthday and slept on an air mattress just to see me. They took me out to a really nice Italian restaurant and we had some awesome gelato afterwards.

And then I was up there two weeks ago for a going away party for one of Matt’s coworkers. I won about $30 in cash and got to see a girl jump into a retention pond wearing significantly less clothing than when she joined the party. That girl never called me that she was supposed to give my number to, oh well.

And there’s always Settlers of Catan. All kinds. They have all the standard sets and we’ve taken to mixing and matching to the point that there’s so much going on that I fail miserably to take action at the right time. But it’s still way fun and they’re notably improved at just treating it like a game. We also discovered that boiling rubber can fix a toilet.

But above all, they listen when I just need to bend an ear. And it’s great to talk to them both because they have different perspectives with this common ground they draw from. Next weekend we’re going car camping with some people they know. I can’t wait to be a lazy bum the way nature intended: with good company at hand.


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