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August 10, 2008 / TildeWill

Evidence: Part I – Divorce Rate

Because I feel a need to convince myself that what I believe is true, I was thinking about the divorce rate. In previous generations, there were gender roles. The wife did the cooking and cleaning, and the rearing of children, the husband went to work, fixed the house, and managed the grill.

Today, both genders do everything. I have nothing against women in the work place or stay at home dads, I think this is a fine direction for our culture to take. There is a drawback to all of this and my point is that we’re all a lot more autonomous. Our society has changed and we no longer need the other gender as much as we once did. When you’ve got the skill set to do everything that life requires of you (but maybe not the time), it is a lot easier to cut ties and move on to something else and find someone new who needs you.


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