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July 6, 2008 / TildeWill

Josh Touches on Something Bigger

In the first three paragraphs, Josh talks about how the less you know about someone’s past, the more uncomfortable, the more random that person seems (specifically in a movie context). Me, I find I go out of my way to do the complete opposite. I give people so much background about myself that maybe I lose that element of surprise. If you know exactly what path I’ve walked for the last twenty six years, it is easy to see where I’m going in the next five minutes, next week, next year, and you could probably make a good guess at the next decade.

I was talking to Matt and Lauren a while back and it came up that I’m not “wild and reckless”, I don’t have that “Who knows where he’ll pop up next” ideology attached to me. I’m dependable. I think it sucks some of the excitement out of who I am now that I’m thinking about it. What if you didn’t know what I do? What if I only told you things about right now, this moment? When I did something it would be a new adventure every time. It would be impossible for you to set any expectations, you’d never be let down, at least not for a while, but by then you’d be hooked on Will Read.

I’m going to ponder this some more.


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  1. joshuadlwilliams / Jul 7 2008 5:18 am

    Sometimes with you, though, Will, I expect some thing totally unexpected to happen, but I don’t always know what it will be.
    You’re right about everything being a new adventure; people really wouldn’t know what will happen, and that adds some fear and excitement to the entire mix.
    The last thing that I wanted to mention was that it’s highly unlikely that you lived the first twenty-six years of your live in exactly the same way. Similar? Probably. After all, you’re still Will Read. But somewhere along the line, you and no one else probably thought you’d be a fencing coach, or move to San Francisco, or even to dinosaur impressions to make people laugh (well, some might have expected that last). As much as you’d ‘want to keep things hidden for the sake of generating mystery, it’d be a heightening of something that always exists. I’ve found that i can’t expect the same thing out of people like Ed or Kerby, even though I’m a pretty good judge of what they might say.
    We can guess what you might do, but you still might not do that.
    As to adding excitement to your life, mystery mixed with fear of what might be happening yields a sort of adrenaline that would definitely get people hooked, get them coming back to find out who this Will Read guy really is.
    Just be careful not to get lost in that question yourself, by making it more complicated for others to find out.

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