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July 6, 2008 / TildeWill

I’ve Been Lucky

I can tell I’ve been single for a couple of months, my posts are starting to focus more on my thoughts on relationships.

But I’m sitting here procrastinating, listening to my iPhone, and some music comes of that an ex gave me back a handful of years ago. I think about some of the other gifts she, and others gave me, and it reminds me of a story I heard on the fourth. My coworker Geoff mentioned that he wanted a marlin because it was the cool thing to have where he grew up (Florida) but he never had one. So when his birthday rolled around, one of his friends organized a purchase of a marlin. It was exactly what he wanted, but didn’t know he wanted. It would have never made a wish list.

A lot of the gifts I’ve been thinking about have been in that category – things I never knew I wanted, but was delighted when I got them like gummy bears out of the blue, curling fish, monkeys, Mighty Putty, and a bunch of stuff I won’t list here. Gifts from people who knew me better than I might give them credit for. These women all listened to me and what I was saying, even when I wasn’t listening to myself.

Those are the gifts, and though they are usually small, speak volumes of how a person feels. Sometimes, I admit, I didn’t listen to what those gifts said. I was excited, but I didn’t understand always. Maybe I just need to listen, not just to words, but to actions, and in that I will find the successful relationship I’ve been searching for.


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