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July 2, 2008 / TildeWill

Roommate FTW!

My stuff came today. They lost a box that had some of my sheets and some bathroom stuff (shower curtain and maybe toilet brush) so I’m not complaining. They destroyed my bookshelf in transport, but it was just a $40 book shelf anyway and I was half tempted to just throw it away back in Lafayette anyway.

I’m most excited to have my necklace back. I really liked wearing it around and it fits my “San Francisco look”. But of course the most anticipated delivery was the TV. Forty two inches of LCD goodness. What I didn’t expect was the nice pairing with the roommate’s equipment. Exhibit A) XBox 360 – ‘nuf said. Exhibit B) an iPod dock/speaker system he won. I’m usually not one to go for a good sound system, but the TV’s sound blows dog balls. I previously had it hooked up through my computer speakers, which works ok, but you had to get off your butt to change the volume. No good. These speakers have a remote, and really good sound. Not to mention, that if I want to rock out to my iPhone, I can still just throw it in the dock and aural pleasure is all mine.

So thanks Brian!


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