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June 27, 2008 / TildeWill

All Kinds of Stuff

Yesterday I ordered my training kite for kite surfing (aka a smaller, less deadly version of the actual kite that will drag me through the ocean). It should be here tomorrow if all goes well. I went to a beach near the Golden Gate Bridge (walked most of it, stole a ride on the cable car twice though) to see if it’d work for kite practice. Brian says it should be ok. He also says he may tag along if his schedule works out. I figure that I could die just walking to lunch, if I die kite surfing, at least it’ll be fun. The alternative is to live in a bubble. Not good.

Matt from my old job has decided to solve my blog issue. I’ve been wanting to put some work-related ideas, especially about Agile, up on the net. He’s been meaning to put some design related stuff up on the net. So tomorrow he’s starting a blog for us. Jackpot. errr Yhatzee!

I’ve also started taking a more aggressive approach to my diet. A few months back I counted my daily intake of calories, it was between 1500 and 1800, not the 2000 to 2500 they suggest. My protein count is low too (as I’m sure all other nutrients were), so I’m eating more cheese, drinking more milk. Each milk-cheese combo is around 10 grams of protein. Plus my usual deli sandwich at lunch with meat, I’m looking better all the time. So hopefully I’ll gain some muscle with my new found workout routine, and a little fat to insulate me in the cold waters of the Pacific.

And I went to work today, as usual. 



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