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June 18, 2008 / TildeWill


Tonight I walked to the nearest .Net user group meeting. WALKED! It was freaking awesome. The presentation, while good, didn’t really have a direct application to my work since it dealt with Silverlight and how to present Ginormous photos (read: more than 200MB) over the web. If you know how any web mapping application works with tiles with varying levels of details, it’s essentially the same principle.

But I was thinking about how I’ve now been living in my new place for two weeks (and one day) and how not once have I thought “Gee, if only I had a car…”. I really don’t need a car. I’m beginning to wonder if I will actually use my $50/month I have for my Zipcar membership.

Speaking of memberships, I joined a fitness club. The guys from work roped me in and we’re going twice a week around lunch time. Which I must say, works out well. I didn’t get much of a workout last time for all the tour and filling out membership forms, but we go again tomorrow. I can’t wait till my stuff shows up and I have actual gym shorts, instead of working out in my flannel pajama pants.


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