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June 14, 2008 / TildeWill


It’s a down weekend because plans feel through to have company over. It kind of works out because I didn’t really have a place for them to sleep yet anyway. So I’m filling out the stack of paper work that work gave me (health care app, 401k, etc.), taking care of old emails (woo hoo down to 16 in the inbox!), and planning my San Francisco future.

I took a gander at the course catalog for The Crucible ( sicne no classes are offered in June (just 5 day boot camps during the day, which are, during the day), I looked to July. I’ve got it narrowed down to a glass class, or a series of workshops dealing with EL Wire (aka “Cool Neon”) and LEDs. Josh says I should go glass because it’ll feel less like my job. I also think if I get into glass early, it’ll make it easier to progress, or take a break and do EL, then get back to it.

Today I also spent part of the day in the North Beach area (not actually on a beach) at the festival. It was your standard live music, art/craft booths, and beer garden type festival, with a lot of people. I picked up some cute things for Jenny & Anthony’s new twin girls. Did I mention that they’re cute. While I was out there, Elsie and her roomie showed up. Elsie being the girl I met at the Ars party below my work. She and I had lunch on Friday at a place called Crossroads. Crossroads is a mix of a book store, coffee house, deli, and local art gallery. There’s a nice patio area, but the pigeons will eat your food if you step away from it, I speak from experience.

She’s got a lot to her – great looks, works for a company kinda like mine in a lot of ways, tech savvy, and funny. I think she’s a little disappointed in my political apathy. So maybe that’s something I can bump up in my priorities for the new San Francisco Will. It’s hard to tell if things are progressing in a romantic direction with her or not. If they are, they’re going slow, and that’s exactly what I want.

Tomorrow: Do some work (I am lame, but the project is interesting – templating) and hit up a furniture store or two to see what can be done about the living room seating. If all goes well I’ll have a queen sofa sleeper and two recliners (home theater style) with some good places to put soda cans and Wii remotes.

Next week I’m starting up at a gym with the guys I work with. I figure I better do something if I’m not fencing regularly, and maybe I can get some upper body building in for a change.

Is my stuff here yet? 

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