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June 12, 2008 / TildeWill

San Francisco Date(?) #2

So Tuesday was a fine day. I got my software at work all set up, and got promptly assigned a lot of high priority work. Which is good and not good. I should be able to meet the expectations though. So that part should be fine. Work seems content to grow my resources, offered to get me a desktop today. I didn’t want the sync problem, so I declined, the laptop is great. I got a bag for it today after work, a Timbuk 2 from Sports Basement. It has a magnetic closure, which I’m sure will fry some smaller electronics in the future, but for now seems ok. Velcro was no good.

So my second date(ish) is set up for lunch on Friday. I was at the Ars party last night helping Clint hand out Ars stickers and I handed one to a cute girl who then handed me a sticker. She mentioned that if you put an “e” on Ars, it spells Arse. Next thing I know she’s got the sticker on her butt and I’m encouraging her to twist around and write an “e” on it. Good times. She gave me her card. i gave her mine. I emailed her today, asked her to lunch on Friday, she said yes, and suggested a place near her work.

And I was all excited till I started writing this, because I just realized I didn’t stop to check if she had a ring, or ask if she was seeing anyone… hmmmm.


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  1. Grace / Jun 13 2008 12:16 am

    Score! I knew San Fran would be good for you:)

    …and stop worrying ahead so much! Just go! Have a good time!


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