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June 6, 2008 / TildeWill

I Blame Fencing

I’ve noticed lately that I don’t always make eye contact. At first I thought it was a confidence thing and feeling like I was not successful at life. But as I studied it more and tries to overcome it I realized the cause might be my fencing training.
I don’t look a the ground I’d my feet, I look at the other person, just not their face. I look attheir torso or their hand when stretched out for a greeting – the same areas I look while fencing to help me predict my opponent’s next move. In fencing there is almost no useful information in the face and often times any info given us misleading. But the torso does not lie as well, so you watch that
instead. I do it off the strip, all the time. No wonder my fenders tell me I should be better than I am.


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