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June 6, 2008 / TildeWill

Code Lobster

Today I went to Mission/Dolores park to scope it out since I have a blind date of sorts out there on Saturday. I brought one of my new C# books to read and ended up falling asleep on the grass (I need to get caffiene back in my diet). When I awoke I had absorbed all of the sun’s rays, but imstad of super powers all I got was bright red skin. While I was in that area I also poked my head in the door of Halberstat Fencing Club and got the foil practice times. I still don’t think I’ll go but at least I know when to go if I do decide to fence again. Tomorrow I may try to buy my bed frame from Ikea. I have found that if I want to do much of anything in the city I need to allow at least 2 hours. Speaking of which, I went to the SF Museum Of Modern Art (aka SFMOMA). A lot of the stuff made me say “Okay, but ‘why?'” and there was never any answer. One exhibit made me smile – it was an infinite mirror type set up, with cameras, on a delay loop, so by the time you saw yourself in the third mirror, it was several seconds old… I lime children’s museums for this kind of thing.


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  1. joshuadlwilliams / Jun 6 2008 1:17 pm

    Foil practice times? Of course; we should have known! Hah. Good luck at work Monday!

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