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June 4, 2008 / TildeWill

Live from the Bay Area

I got an apartment with a lawyer named Brian at
1101 Pacific Ave Apt 303
San Francisco CA 94133
but he’s in Chicago until Friday. So I have major cabin fever
until he gets back. I’d go out a lot more bit I messed up my
ankle Friday wandering the city with my duffle on
My back. But I’ve learned BART pretty well and I have
A sense of where the cabs cars run (not usually where I
want them to go) and it is fun to see if I can ride them
without fare being collected ($5). I found a Safeway grocery
store for the basics yesterday. This morning I went and
got a towel and shower poof from Bed Bath & Beyond. I came
home and soaked my foot, made a PBJ sandwich and went out
to Union Square Park and to Borders where I got some books
for my job: One is “Effective C#” by Bill Wagner and will
be like my Matt away from home. The other is just O’Rileys c# in a nutshell.
I’ll post pictures and stuff when my stuff gets out here,
for now my jankey iPhone posts will have to do.


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