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May 12, 2008 / TildeWill

Birdseed, so I wanted…

Birdseed, so I wanted to brag about birdseed, and I’ve got a few minutes here on my way to something(?) today. And basically my point is that birdseed is a big farce but a scam if you will. If you think about sunflower seeds, you put the sunflower seeds in the ground, and you grow some sunflowers. If you think about apple seed, you put it in the ground, you grow apples. Birdseed, if you put birdseed in the ground, you do not get birds. You do not get birds ever, ever will you get birds from birdseed. Whats really good is whatever kinda flowers are meal that their using for the birdseed. So, what I say is I want my bird. I’m gonna call em up, I’m gonna send them a big nasty letter that says: Dear Birdseed Company, I would like my birds please. Your false advertise… listen

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  1. Grace / May 13 2008 1:04 am

    A while back you wrote a post about “hearing your voice in your writing”. This is cool. Because even before I clicked to listen to you…I heard you.

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