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April 26, 2008 / TildeWill

Fingerprint People

At the honors banquet for Josh and Ed, the speaker quoted Opra as saying “People are as unique as a fingerprint.” The snarky, jaded side of me said “Yeah, but we can’t really do a good job of matching fingerprints.” And then I thought about why…

From the naked eye’s perspective, it’s just a bunch of swirls. If you’re not paying attention, whose to say they’re my swirls or Obama’s swirls? It’s like that with people, if you just glance at a roomful of people, no one really will stand out, they’re all pretty much the same from a distance. Like fingerprints, it isn’t until you focus in on a person, learn the intracacies that the identity becomes clear.

As I type this I find it interesting that people may seem the same “on the outside” or at a simple “hello”, but then they’re vastly different just under that skin, and yet, at the very core, we’re all driven by the same things… same, different, same. What’s that middle layer for? Since it stands out from the other two layers, it seems like it holds some exta significance.


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