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April 18, 2008 / TildeWill

Shaken, And Stirred

Last night there was an earthquake at about 5:40 AM EST. It went down like this:
*wake up*
“It feels like the apartment is shaking, is this an earthquake?”
“No, this is Indiana it’s got to be another wind storm like we always have.”
*looks out window*
“Ok, so it’s an earthquake”
*count the seconds*
“Seven or so I’d say”

And then I felt that it would have been nice to be able to hold someone. To tell and be told that “It will be alright. The ground does that sometimes.” I think it’s funny because my biggest opposition in the past to looking for jobs in Silicon Valley and other regions in California is that I don’t want to deal with earthquakes. I think Indiana is letting me know that it’s ok to be afraid, just don’t let that fear paralyze you.


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  1. bathpenguin / Apr 19 2008 1:47 pm

    Isn’t funny how the world shows us where we need to be and what is holding us back from being there?

    I feel like this entire year has been posted with signs pointing in the direction that I need to travel:)

    NOTHING happens without REASON. But it’s what you do with the knowledge gained from these occurrences that determine where and how far you will go…

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