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February 13, 2008 / TildeWill

I’m Tough To Get Along With

I am, and I’m not. If we meet in a group/social environment, my hope is that you’ll never say “…and I just didn’t get along with that Will guy.” But if you want to get into it, really dig into my life, and you’re not of the same mind as me, similar goals and personality traits, good luck.

I have known for a while that I surround myself with people who are like me. It’s not a conscious effort, but it’s not a subconscious thing either. I realized that after talking to Josh, that I am always trying to find people to trust. The easiest people for me to trust are those who have the same goals as me, those who understand me because it’s not too far off from understanding themselves.

The problem, per say, is that…well… how many people like Will Read have you met in your life? I’ve been fortunate to meet a few (scary, I know). Those elements of trust and understanding come into play more and more, the more that person gets to make decisions that affect me. That’s people like my parents, boss, girlfriend, co-board members, coworkers, and my closest friends. These are the people that I have to trust to govern various parts of my life in my stead.

I want you to think about this: If we took out your brain for a week, and someone else was in charge of your life for a week, who would you pick to run it? I would not pick my boss because I don’t understand him yet. My parents could obviously do a good job and thus they’re listed as my emergency medical contacts and they get my 401K in the event of my death. I’d assume that any future Mrs. Read would be such a person. Some old friends from high school or college have probably known me long enough to do things as I’d see fit. Maybe one or two others, but not many.

I think that is the reason that I’m tough to get along with. I expect the people around me to put forth the same effort, the same passion that I do into the things that I do. I want them to be like me because I have it in my head that I’m doing pretty well in life, that to be doing so, is not as prevalent a thing as it should be.


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