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February 6, 2008 / TildeWill

Annual Review

Wednesday (today) I have my formal annual review scheduled. I think it’ll be the first time that I’ll actually get a review, and that it’s not just a “oh that thing on paper?” deal. I’m looking forward to seeing where my boss wants me to head. He gave some sound advice to Matt who wants to branch out in his knowledge of existing API’s and write, so Chris encouraged him to write two blog entries over the next year.

Obviously I do not need encouragement in writing blogs.

The area I know I’m weak in is what I call “playing the game”. I don’t like having to manage my manager. To ask for things at a certain time, in a certain way, just to get the things I need to do my job. I want to be able to say “Please buy X because I need it.” or “Let’s do Y because it’ll improve the process” and for him to understand that I’m not asking for this only because I want it, but because I’ve researched it and I think it will provide business value.

I want to head towards a manager role, but I want to avoid doing double duty of being a dev AND a manager. I don’t know if that’s possible in this company though.

I think another thing that could use improvement is that I need to trust my boss and be trusted by him. Right now I don’t feel he’s very informed about my situation, nor I of his, and so I know neither of us can take the other into account when making decisions. At a minimum, more time together will help resolve that issue, but I don’t feel like he’s available to talk, ever. So maybe that’s the shake.


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