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January 21, 2008 / TildeWill

To Stand

This weekend, I was asked by the GD and The Lady Hizzle to stand in their wedding this Summer. I’m not certain that I was able to convey over the phone just how special that made me feel. I’ve always wanted to stand in someone’s wedding, to be one of the selected few that a couple has chosen to represent the love and support they will need to help their marriage grow and remain healthy.

I like Matt and Lauren, and I like them together. I’ve known Matt since my freshman year in college. He was always my sounding board whether I wanted to sound off or not. He got me to talk about how I felt, understand my own value system through his constant, yet enjoyable questioning.

Lauren I’ve always liked. I remember talking to Matt back when I’d tease him about having “a woman in every port”, and he told me that he’d cut the strings with all the others to be with this one girl. While Matt didn’t say it, I knew she was very special to him. Driving home after that talk I thought about it, and in Matt-like fashion I said “I bet they get married.” Like Matt, she’s proven to be a good friend to me. I remember playing Monopoly with her one day when she was still going to Purdue and Matt was off in Chicago. She’s great with introspection too, I know whenever I’ve got an issue that needs a woman’s perspective that I can turn to her.

These two people have shaped my life more than most. I hope that one day I find what they have found in each other. I am proud, not just to stand in a wedding, but to stand in their wedding. They honor me more than they know.


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