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November 25, 2007 / TildeWill


It’s just about over so that means time for a re-cap. I survived the family being together largely because I minimized my time in Monticello (about 10 hours), and using the Wii to keep my brother and mother separated/distracted. The next day my dad ended up in the hospital for an irregular heart beak. He’s since been sent home, but is still feeling sluggish. Anne Radavich also came to town so after going to the hospital I met her and the Pockets at the LBC.

Saturday was the Leftover Open. My weapons broke, so did Sam’s so we both fenced right-handed. I learned that Sam probably should have been fencing right-handed from the start. Some things you just can’t tell. Afterward, I went to a Thai place on Chauncey Hill and had some amazing garlic chicken #15, and some mango bubble tea. For those not in the know, bubble tea has little gelatin balls in it. They give you big straws so you get the balls as you drink the tea (mine was more like juice than tea). The restaurant is small, so every time someone came in or left we froze our butts off, but great in the warmer months I’m sure.

Today I slept.

Tomorrow, root canal.

But most of all it’s been the first weekend since Melanie and I started dating where we didn’t hang out. She had plans with her family up in Troy, MI and I had mine here in Indiana along with the tourney so it just didn’t work out. But I must say I miss her. I want ot know how her holiday went and ask her all kinds of questions about random things I’ve thought about in the past week. I want to see her smiling face.


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  1. lina / Nov 26 2007 9:13 am

    Craziness I say. I had bubble tea for the first time this weekend, and also opted for mango. I really don’t think it was tea and though the mango smoothie part was fine, I was less than impressed with the tapioca.

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